pátek 12. září 2014

How it works

How this whole stuff really work

First of all, for now, Sensie requires latest Lumia phones sporting SensorCore technology and Cyan firmware update (For Lumia 1520 owners - WP 8.1 DP without Cyan doesn't work).

SensorCore is a combination of hardware and software that enables to get move, activity and steps information from your phone without significantly affecting your battery life. It requires a chipsets from the new Snapdragon line.

Snapdragons 200, 400, 600, and 800 collect data from WiFi spots, GPS towers, gyroscope and other sensors while Lumia firmware makes them available to developers. All this is done without GPS and OS running so it needs a minimum of power.

Certainly there are limitations:
- position is recorder every 5 minutes and 500m distance
- steps and activity information is not realtime to get rid of the noise information
- it requires Wi-Fi to be on
- known places are guessed from your daily behaviour, so it takes a few days to determine where is your home and workplace
- the accuracy in urban areas is better

So, for the most accurate results:
- keep Wi-Fi on
- keep Wi-Fi Sense on
- if you, in parallel, use another app that uses GPS (map, nav, etc.), the recorded positions are more accurate

More here: https://www.qualcomm.com/products/snapdragon/sensors

SensorCore itself keeps a history for 10 days. If you start Sensie for the first time, you will immediately get 10 days data (if you have Motion Data turned on in settings). 
Sensie puts all the data into database, so Sensie history is virtually unlimited.

Sensie doesn't send any data to cloud or 3rd party services. You may backup your local database to your own OneDrive anyway.


6 komentářů:

  1. Hello I've just bought the app but can't get any data for today. Is it ok, I'm I supposed to see it only tomorrow?

  2. Hello, it depends on if you have moved to another (distant enough) place.
    Let me know if you don't get data tomorrow.

  3. Hello, is it possibility use different offline maps? I have great detailed CZ topo maps with extension sqlitedb. thx FF

  4. I can not upload backups from The App (App tries it but nothing is generated) and I Can not restore a Old Backup (Data.db3.backup) ...the New Backup Files Are *.zip Files...what Can i do

  5. After update Lumia to WP10 Sensie not work :(

  6. Running on WP10 950 XL. Most days I have large gaps of data collected. I'm assuming WIFI is only need for getting data into Sensie. So if I'm traveling on a long distance trip, I would expect Sensie to pull in all the data captured. But it is not. I'm running Insider build 14915, but Sensie has functioned like this on all Win Phone 10 builds.

    can you help me?